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"3rd Generation Medium"

Clairsentient roots that blossomed into Evidential Mediumship

World-renowned Medium Mavis Pattilla of England referred to my linage as a "third generation Medium". I have had a clear knowing since childhood, enjoying many different aspects of divination. After developing my Clairvoyant abilities via cartomancy (using a standard deck of playing cards) for many years, Evidential Mediumship began to appear during a psychic session in 2007 and has flourished ever since. I decided to seek out the very best mentors on the planet to assist me with my Mediumship development. 

 Clairsentient: A clear knowing. The ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. 


Evidential Mediumship Mentors I have trained with include:


James Van Praagh     John Holland     Mavis Pittilla      Janet Nohavec

  Tony Stockwell    Paul Jacobs    Simon James    Brian Robertson 

  Margaret Challenger    Andy Byng    Anita Coco    Gwen Winkler



I can't tell you how amazing your reading was for me today. I feel transformed and ready for the next half of my life. Everything you said resonated so deeply for me. Thank you so much for all the heart that went into that. You are truly gifted at what you do. 

 Karan A.  Napa, CA

The most organic half-hour exchange I have EVER experienced! Your unconditional focused style banished a two year weight off my shoulders; what a gift Jenny's words make....life altering. Thank you for returning my heart and soul to life's pleasures.

Loni,   New York City, NY

Jenny Lee is an amazing Psychic Medium. 

Her knowledge, accuracy and insight of the future and of loved one's crossed over is extraordinary!

Amy W.   Pottsville, PA


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